KXSF Sports: SF Giants 2020 Summer Camp!

KXSF Sports Director Sam Pasco is one of 35 credentialed media members covering the Giants 2020 Summer Camp Training at Oracle Park

Arriving @ Oracle Park

  • There are no season-long credentialed given out, each media member must apply 24 hours in advance for a daily credential in order to enter Oracle Park.
  • Before receiving a credential, you must sign a “2020 Season Release of Liability” Wavier and have your temperature checked.
  • After picking up your credential, you are required to fill out an “Oracle Park Health Screening” mandatory questionnaire.

Into the Press Box

  • There is a one-way entry in and out of the Box.
  • Once in the press box, there are indoor and outdoor options.
  • No printed media notes are given out.

New ‘pen, who dis?

  • It was the perfect weather for baseball and what better way to enjoy it than by checking out the brand new Oracle Park Bullpens!
  • Players primarily used the field as a walkway between workout stations.
  • Players were broken up in 3 groups of 20 (10 pitchers, 10 hitters)
  • Interesting Note:
    • Which ‘pen will the Giants claim as their home bullpen come Opening Day? LF’s are closer to their home dugout, but during day games (around 12:00 pm) the relievers’ chairs are firmly in the sun, while RF’s are entirely in the shade.

Here Comes The Zoom

1:00 p.m. – Jeff Samardzija

1:30 p.m. – Brandon Crawford

4:00 p.m. Manager Gabe Kapler

Oracle Dark

  • Walking the halls of Oracle, it was definitely unusual to see no fans at all. It was like Oracle had gone dark, like a Ghost Town.
  • As a member of the media though, it wasn’t entirely shocking as we’re used to arriving hours before first pitch when the park is mostly empty.
  • Another unusual aspect is the proximity to players. As Tier 3 members, we’re not allowed to enter the playing surface or clubhouses. All interviews are done via Zoom and identifying who’s doing what is made difficult.
    • Players aren’t wearing their jerseys and you’re 100 feet back 30 feet up – every player looks tiny while it’s almost impossible to tell who is who!

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