SF Giants Summer Camp 7/12 – Tweet Journal

Join Sam as he covers the SF Giants Summer Camp Training LIVE from Oracle Park. Each day’s post updates live in real-time and is meant to be something between a tweet and an article – the brevity and timeliness of a tweet combined with the analysis and organization of a blog post.

Live Streams!

  • Now we have two options, the classic batter vs pitcher and now a KXSF Sports Eagle-Eye broadcast with live notes and commentary!

Intrasquad Game Notes

  • New today: Major league umpires making the calls today. It’s a scaled-back staff though, just home plate and first base umps in attendance.
  • Confirmed: Walk-up music is being played during most at-bats, no music during the game itself like in previous days.
  • Top 1st
    • PITCHING: LHP Drew Smyly
    • Smyly makes quick work of Yaz (1-2), Dubon (K) and Dickerson (K)
    • SCORE: Orange 0, Black 0
  • Bottom 1st
    • PITCHING: RHP Jeff Samardzija
    • Yolmer Sanchez strikes out, nice well-hit single up the middle for Slater, flare single for Jaylin Davis.
    • Hunter Pence walk-up song – Thunder by Imagine Dragons.
      • He battles to 3-2, but doesn’t have the lighting to get on base (3-2 strikeout)
    • Darin Ruf check-swing grounder to first base as Samardzija cries “All you baby” to Panda who fields it unassisted.
  • Top 2nd
    • PITCHING: Drew Smyly
    • Panda makes an out, Heineman as well (6-3)
    • Wilmer Flores debuts his Friends themed “I’ll be there for you” walk-up song,
  • Bottom 2nd
    • PITCHING: RHP Jeff Samardzija
    • Tromp home run, Will Wilson rips a double
    • SCORE: Black 1, Orange 0
  • Top 3rd
    • PITCHING: Smyly
    • Avelino reaches on a two-base error, nothing comes of it.
  • Bottom 3rd
    • PITCHING: Tyler Anderson
    • Yolmer doubles to center field (probably could have been caught if they were playing straight up).
  • Top 4th
    • PITCHING: Kevin Gausman
    • K on Toribio, Yaz groundout
  • Bottom 4th
    • PITCHING: Anderson
    • Tromp with a loud line out to left field, it’s a flyout but still interesting
  • Top 5th
    • PITCHING: Gausman
    • Dickerson single up the middle, Panda double play, Flores K

And The Winner Is…

  • The black squad is now 2-0 in Giants Summer Camp after a 5-0 victory today
  • MVP: C Chadwick Tromp (2 home runs) making a case for starting catcher

Kapler Quotes

  • Kapler on the rotation (Smyly, Samardzija and Gasuman all pitched today): “We’re not committed to any 2-3-4”
  • Kapler on Samardzija’s rough outing: “Shark is just getting his arm in shape…he got his pitches and innings in.”
    • He also said they’re not too worried about bottom-line stats from the veterans with proven success this Summer Camp Training
  • Gabe Kapler on his biggest worry this season: “Health always, that’s never going to change…right now we’re a healthy club…in a large part because our medical staff has done a great job”
  • “Good solid workhorse day”

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