Notable + Quotable: Dodgers vs Giants (8/7-8/9 Series)

August 7th

Exclusive Interviews:

Giants Roster Moves

Zoom Zoom

On the Farm

One of our tweets was featured in this article:

Kapler on Catchers:

August 8th

Shark Hurt

Chipotle & Bros

Sam Selman Clip:

Gott’s Got It

Postgame Health Notes:


Kapler on “closer” Trevor Gott

August 9th

Giants acquire a young outfielder from the Chicago White Sox. This Giants’ front office continues to build the farm system- seemingly with nothing as the Giants traded only cash considerations to get Basabe. A career highlight for Basabe was hitting a ROCKET of a home run off Hunter Greene in the 2018 Futures Game in DC.

One of these is not like the others…

So Giants Twitter is pretty heated about Kapler pulling Gausman after just 80 pitches. This tweet was retweeted by Larry Krueger.

Kevin “Command” Gausman

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