SF Giants Summer Camp 7/15 – Tweet Journal

Join Sam as he covers the SF Giants Summer Camp Training LIVE from Oracle Park. Each day’s post updates live in real-time and is meant to be something between a tweet and an article – the brevity and timeliness of a tweet combined with the analysis and organization of a blog post.

Live Stream


Taxi, taxi!

  • The Giants announced that the Sacramento River Cats will host the Giants Taxi Squad.
  • It’s yet to be determined if fans will be able to attend practices or scrimmages in Sacramento.
  • This announcement all but assures that top prospect Joey Bart will indeed not be included in the Opening Day Roster. Prospects are included in Sacramento as to ensure they don’t “lose valuable developmental time”

Early Inning Scrimmage Notes

  • Top 1st
    • PITCHING: Navas for the Black team
    • Sanchez goes down quickly on strikes, Dubon pops out, Pence strikes out.
    • SCORE: Black 0, Orange 0
  • Bottom 1st
    • PITCHING: Sam Selman
    • Yaz grounds out. Slater walks, but advanced to third a few pitches later from a Dickerson single. Ruf up next. Ruf sac fly brings in Slater from third. Pablo pops out to second
    • SCORE: Black 1, Orange 0
  • Top 2nd
    • PITCHING: Carlos Navas
    • Flores walks. Bart strikes out. McCarthy also K’s. Tromp grounds out.
    • SCORE: Black 1, Orange 0
  • Bottom 2nd
    • PITCHING: Sam Selman
    • Tyler Heineman ropes a ball to center field, but Dubon makes an impress catch.
    • SCORE: Black 1, Orange 0

Player Spotlights

Meme of the Day

Johnny, Joey, & Gott


Kapler Quotes

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