SF Giants Summer Camp 7/16 – Tweet Journal

Join Sam as he covers the SF Giants Summer Camp Training LIVE from Oracle Park. Each day’s post updates live in real-time and is meant to be something between a tweet and an article – the brevity and timeliness of a tweet combined with the analysis and organization of a blog post.

Scoreboards Also Need Spring Training

  • In previous Summer Camp days, the scoreboard has been solely blank outside the raw lineups. Today the Giants will be rolling out an extended use of the scoreboard as they prepare for Opening Day in a week.
  • PLAYLIST: Music continues to be played sparingly at Oracle, but we did get a chance to hear “Life Is Good” by Future Feat. Drake

Wilmer “Tribbiani” Flores

Statement Games

  • Yesterday’s Tweet Journal was featured in Statement Games’ “SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS 2020 PREVIEW AND ALTERNATIVE FANTASY BASEBALL OUTLOOK”
  • Statement Games is a Fantasy Sports Gaming & Content Platform. “We look forward to taking the Fantasy Sports industry to the next level! Available on iOS and Google Play Stores.”
  • Follow @StatementGames on Twitter

Read it here:


Live Scrimmage Notes

  • TOP 1st — LHP Tyler Anderson pitching
    • Sanchez gets hit by a pitch, is in pain but manages to walk it off and take first base. Dubon flies out to left-center field. Pence and Flores strikeout
    • SCORE: Black 0, Orange 0
  • BOTTOM 1st — LHP Drew Smyly
    • Yaz walks. He’s picked but manages to steal second anyway, advances to third with a Crawford groundout and scores on a sac fly from Solano. Pablo reaches on a groundball base hit to third. Panda advances to second on a passed ball. Jaylin Davis strikes out.
    • SCORE: Orange 1, Black 0
  • TOP 2nd — LHP Tyler Anderson
    • Ruf grounds out (1-3). Bart grounds out (5-3). Duggar strikes out.
  • BOTTOM 2nd — LHP Drew Smyly
    • Slater with a base knock (1B). Brantly reaches on a fielder’s choice, Slater out at second. Ramos fields out to center.
  • TOP 3rd — Tyler Anderson
    • Tromp records an out. Rickard grounds out. Toribio grounds out
    • SCORE: Orange 1, Black 0
  • BOTTOM 3rd — Drew Smyly
    • Bailey strikes out. Yaz doubles off Smyly. Crawford singles which moves Yaz to third. Solano bunts but Yaz is thrown out at home. Pablo pops out. Smyly escapes the jam!
  • TOP 4th — RHP Kevin Gausman
    • Sanchez and Dubon record outs. Pence strikes out.
  • BOTTOM 4th — LHP Drew Smyly
    • Davis strikes out. Inning over after just one batter – most likely because of Smyly’s pitch count
  • TOP 5th — RHP Kevin Gausman
    • Wilmer Flores home run. Ruf with a hard-hit single up the middle. Bart strikes out. Duggar strikes out. Another inning cut short by pitch count.
    • SCORE: Black 1, Orange 1

Baggs and Hank with the KXSF Shoutouts

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