SF Giants Summer Camp 7/17 – Tweet Journal

Join Sam as he covers the SF Giants Summer Camp Training LIVE from Oracle Park. Each day’s post updates live in real-time and is meant to be something between a tweet and an article – the brevity and timeliness of a tweet combined with the analysis and organization of a blog post.

It Feels like a Giants game!

Scrimmage Notable

  • TOP 1st — LHP Tony Watson
    • Austin Slater is up first and walks. Slater is picked off but manages still to steal second. Sanchez grounds out to third. Davis and Pence strikeout.
    • SCORE: Orange 0, Black 0
  • BOTTOM 1st — RHP Jeff Samardzija
    • Duggar records an out. Crawford with a base hit up the middle, but Davis dives and lets the ball pass him, allowing Crawford a triple. Solano grounds out. Dickerson flies out to right
  • TOP 2nd — LHP Andrew Suarez
    • Barts strikes out on three pitches. Tromp and Rickard also Ks.
    • SCORE: Orange 0, Black 0
  • BOTTOM 2nd — Samardzija
    • Siri reaches on a fly ball to left in his Giants Summer Camp debut. Siri steals second on Tromp. McCarthy with a little check-swing tap back to Shark, Siri is aggressive and takes third on the throw. Heineman doubles and scores Siri. Brantly singles and Heineman scores from second. Wilson and Duggar fly out.
    • SCORE: Black 2, Orange 0
  • TOP 3rd — Suarez
    • Avelino reaches on single that Solano just misses. Luciano reaches on a fielder’s choice. Alex Canario walks. Slater flies out and Sanchez grounds out.
  • BOTTOM 3rd — Samardzija
    • Crawford pops out to third. Solano with a broken-bat single up the middle. Dickerson single to right. Siri grounds into a double play
  • TOP 4th — Suarez
    • Pence and Bart GO DEEP. Tromp grounds out. Flores can’t handle a hard grounder from Rickard and it’s a double
    • SCORE: Black 2, Orange 2
  • BOTTOM 4th — LHP Conner Menez
    • McCarthy strikes out. Heineman grounds out to first (3U). Brantly also record an out
  • TOP 5th — LHP Wandy Peralta
    • Avelino grounds out. Luciano and Canario strikeout.
  • BOTTOM 5th — Menez
    • Wilson strikes out. Duggar reaches on a bloop single. Crawford strikes out. Solano flies out
  • TOP 6th — Wandy Peralta
    • Wilmer Flores with a nice throw but Slater reaches. Sanchez 4-3 out. Slater steals second and scores on a sac fly from Davis.
    • SCORE: Orange 3, Black 2
  • BOTTOM 6th — Menez
    • Alex Dickerson strikes out. Siri lines out. McCarthy strikes out.
  • TOP 7th — Sam Coonrod
    • Bart walks. Tromp singles. Rickard reaches on a fielder’s choice. Avelino reaches on single and drives Bart in.
    • SCORE: Orange 4, Black 2

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