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Press Dining Review

  • So I started with dessert first because the ice cream sandwiches here melt surprisingly quickly. One moment it’s rock solid and the next it’s a sticky puddle. Lucky, I managed to wolf it down before the structural integrity of the sandwich was completely lost. The main dish tonight (Chicken Philly) was on the smaller side in terms of previous main dishes but it was tasty. The bread was a tad soggy but the bun-to-meat ratio was excellent. I actually enjoyed the snack-size portion as I was still pretty full from lunch.
  • I opted to save the Penne Pasta Salad for lunch tomorrow.

Live Game Notes

  • Top 1st – Tyler Anderson pitching
    • Anderson retires 3 of the first four batters he faces, but that one batter he let reach was a Ketel Marte home run.
    • Locastro F9, Marte HR, Walker fly out, Escobar K
    • Score: Diamondbacks 1, Giants 0
  • Bottom 2nd – Taylor Clarke
    • The Giants do it again: they score with 2 outs. Dickerson’s single turns into a run on a Belt double down the line
    • Yaz K, Dickerson 1B, Longoria fly out, Belt 2B, Flores BB, Solano BB, Crawford line out
    • Score: Giants 1, Diamondbacks 1
  • Top 2nd
    • Ahmed had great career numbers against Anderson coming into tonight and he shows it off with a double off the lefty. Nothing comes of it as Rojas and Young come up empty.
    • Calhoun F9, Ahmed 2B, Rojas flies out (Ahmed tags), Young records an out
  • Bottom 2nd
    • Bart reaches on an error but nothing notable
    • Bart E5, Dubon grounds into a double play, Yaz flies out
  • Top 3rd
    • Ketel Marte is a problem for the Giants. He drives in a run with his second double on the night. Anderson and Bart struggle with a little communication on Young’s pop out but the out is recorded
    • Varsho 1B, Locastro sac bunt, Marte 2B, Walker walks, Escobar flies out, Young pops out
    • Score: Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1
  • Bottom 3rd
    • A slight misplay by Marte in center, but Dickerson hit the ball hard (91.4 mph) and Solano comes up clutch to score Dick. Crawford ends the inning again.
    • Dickerson 2B, Longoria grounds out but Dick advances, Belt BB, Flores K on a big curveball, Solano legs out a single for Dick to score-tying up the game, Crawford ground out.
    • Score: Giants 2, Diamondbacks 2
  • Top 4th
    • Varsho’s double scores two (second hit of the night) and gives the Diamondbacks their biggest lead of the night.
    • Ahmed 1B, Rojas 1B, Young K, Varsho 2B, Locastro pop out, Marte 6-3
    • Score: Diamondbacks 4, Giants 2
  • Bottom 4th
    • Bart singles after a long AB, Dubon drives him via double off a 77 mph hanger.
    • Bart 1B, Dubon 2B, [Travis Bergen pitching for ARI] Yaz BB, Dickerson grounds into double play (Dubon now at third), Longoria strikes out
    • Score: Diamondbacks 4, Giants 3
  • Top 5th – Sam Coonrod pitching
    • Great piece of hitting by Escobar results with men on second and third with no outs. Calhoun & Ahmed bring them in to score; Suarez puts out the fire quickly to limit the damage.
    • Walker BB, Escobar 2B, Calhoun Sac fly, Ahmed 1B [Andrew Suarez pitching], Rojas FC, Young flies
    • Score: Diamondbacks 6, Giants 3
  • Bottom 5th – Yoan Lopez pitching
    • Flores with his first hit of the night! Crawford beats the shift and Flores comes on in from 2nd!
    • Belt F9, Flores ground-rule 2B, Solano K, Crawford 1B, Bart F9
    • Score: Diamondbacks 6, Giants 4
  • Top 6th
    • Dubon with a fabulous catch in center against Varsho and Solano makes an amazing slide play to get Walker at 1st
    • Varsho F8, Locastro P4, Marte 2B [Trevor Gott pitching], Walker 4-3
  • Bottom 6th – Junior Guerra pitching
    • Yaz’s single is a really whacky ground ball that turned into a pop-out that turned into a base hit. Dick’s walk lead us to have 2 men on with 1 out, but Longo…
    • Dubon K, Yaz 1B, Dick BB, Longoria DP
  • Top 7th – Sam Selman pitching
    • Selman looking like a solid bullpen arm – slide/Fastball mix was effective
    • Escobar pops out. Calhoun K, Ahmed pops out
  • Bottom 7th – Hector Rondon pitching
    • Belt bomb. He’s been on FIRE lately
    • Belt HR, Flores K, Solano F7, Crawford F8
  • Top 8th
    • Dubon with another spectacular catch in center! Selman
    • Rojas F8, Young F9, Varsho F7
  • Bottom 8th – Stefan Crichton pitching
    • Joey Bart singles but is pinch ran for by Steven Duggar. Bases chucked with no outs and Dick up. Dubon loses the street cred he got from the defense with a base runner blunder, 2 outs
    • Bart 1B, Dubon 1B, Yaz HBP, Dick F9
  • Top 9th – Wandy Peralta pitching
    • Longoria makes a quick play against Marte but the throw pulls Belt off the bag.
    • Locastro F8, Marte 1B, Walker 1B, Escobar F9
  • Bottom 9th – Kevin Ginkel pitching
    • Flores gets on base and Robertson gets in the game by pinch-running for him, but nothing comes of it
    • Belt F9, Flores walks, Solano F8, Crawford K

FINAL: Ari 6, SF 5

Postgame Zoom Quotes:

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