Live Tweet Journal: Rockies @ Giants (9/23)

Pregame Zoom Notable Quotable

Basabe OUT, Duggar IN

Press Dining

  • I didn’t have a big lunch so I was very excited to see what the kitchen staff had cookin’ for tonight. I was pleasantly surprised by seeing Spaghetti and Meatballs on the menu.
  • The noodles were as expected pretty basic, but my biggest critic comes from the sauce. The taste of the sauce was fine, as the problem comes from the amount of it that was present. There wasn’t any! It was almost criminal how little red sauce they served with the noodles. The meatballs (two in total) were impressive in size and fairly tasty but they were a little dry if I’m being honest.
  • The off-brand twinkies were amazing too, by the way.

Live Game Notes

  • Top 1st – Caleb Baragar pitching
    • Baragar with a quick 1-2-3 after a HYPE introduction coming in from the bullpen.
    • Tapia F7, Pillar 5-3, Story F9
    • Score: Giants 0, Rockies 0
  • Bottom 1st – Castellani
    • The Giants threaten with 2 outs but Crawford grounds out.
    • Slater F9, Dick E6, Solano K, Belt BB, Crawford 4-3
  • Top 2nd
    • Baragar is pulled quickly after giving up the Blackmon double, but Webb handles the bottom of the order with relative ease.
    • Blackmon 2B, (Logan Webb pitching) Fuentes 6-3, McMahon 5-3, Diaz E6, Hilliard 4-3
  • Bottom 2nd
    • STILL waiting for Joey Bart’s first major league home run, but at least the Giants advanced to third
    • Longoria 6-3, Dubon BB, (Dubon to 2nd, wild pitch) Bart 6-3, Duggar F9
    • SCORE: Giants 0, Rockies 0
  • Top 3rd
    • A great throw from Joey Bart ends the inning, but not after Webb allows a run (Story’s single was a rocket: 106.4 mph)
    • Hampson 5-3, Tapia 1B, Pillar 5-3, Story RBI 1B (Tapia scores), (Story caught stealing)
    • Score: Rockies 1, Giants 0
  • Bottom 3rd
    • Giants get closer to scoring with back to back singles from Solano & Belt, but can’t actually plate any runs.
    • Slater F3, Dick 3U, Solano 1B, Belt 1B (Solano to third), Crawford F9
  • Top 4th
    • Longoria’s defense continues to be on display.
    • Blackmon L6, Fuentes 6-3, McMahon 2B, Diaz 5-3
  • Bottom 4th
    • Longoria ties up the game with a bomb to dead center.
    • Longo HR, Dubon F9, Bart 5F, Duggar BB (steal 2nd), Slater 6-3
    • Score: Giants 1, Rockies 1
  • Top 5th
    • Tapia (an outfielder but DH’ing tonight) doubles in Hampson and then makes Joey Bart look foolish. Tapia had a large lead at second and baited Bart to throw to second – and as soon as he did – Tapia took off for third.
    • Hillard K, Hampson 1B, Tapia 2B, Pillar 5-3, (Tapia to third after faking out Bart), Story 3U
    • Score: Rockies 2, Giants 1
  • Bottom 5th
    • Dubon’s HR all but locks up the Giants W.
    • Dickerson 2B, Solano F9, Belt BB, Crawford Sac F8, (Dick scores), Longoria BB, Dubon HR, Bart K
    • ScoreL Giants 5, Rockies 2
  • Top 6th
    • Webb escapes the jam with a big 6-4-3 Crawford-Solano-Belt double play to prevent runs.
    • Blackmon 2B, Fuentes 6-3, McMahon BB, Diaz DP
  • Bottom 6th – Almonte pitching
    • Almonte with a “quick” 24 pitch 1-2-3 inning
    • Duggar K, Slater 5-3, Dick F9
  • Top 7th
    • Kevin Pillar now has 5 hits against the Giants in this series.
    • Hilliard 3-1, Hampson 1B, (Tyler Rogers pitching) Tapia L4, Pillar 1B, Story force out to SS
  • Bottom 7th – Carlos Estevez pitching
    • Belt with a loud double (seems to hit one every day nowadays) but otherwise a quiet inning of offense.
    • Solano K, Belt 2B, Crawford K, Longoria BB, Dubon 6-4
  • Top 8th
    • Quick 1-2-3 inning
    • Blackmon 5-3, Fuentes K, McMahon 6-3
  • Bottom 8th – Doyle pitching
    • Bart, Dickerson, and Belt combine to be a homer away from the cycle in just this inning.
    • Bart 3B, Duggar 1B, Slater K, Dick 2B, Robertson FC, Belt 1B, Craw 3U
    • Score: Giants 7, Rockies 2
  • Top 9th – Sam Selman pitching
    • Selman shuts the door
    • Diaz F7, Hilliard K, Diaz F9

FINAL: Giants 7, Rockies 2

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