Live Tweet Journal: Rockies @ Giants (9/24)

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Live Game Notes

  • Top 1st – Kevin Gausman pitching
    • Gausman looks good with his 2 strikeouts. Story’s single was more of a swinging bunt than a base hit. Blackmon’s single was a real hit, but he’s one of the best hitters in the game, so nothing against KG
    • Tapia K, Pillar F8. Story 1B, Blackmon 1B, Fuentes K
  • Bottom 1st – Chi Chi Gonzelez pitching
    • The Giants scored first but there is some disappointment they couldn’t score even more
    • Slater BB, Dick 2B, Flores 1B, Belt K, Craw 2B, Longoria FC, Dubon K
    • Score: Giants 2, Rockies 0
  • Top 2nd
    • Gausman goes 1-2-3
    • McMahon 4-3, Hampson F8, Hilliard K
  • Bottom 2nd
    • The Giants score for the second straight inning.
    • Bart 1B, Duggar 1B, Slater 1B (wild pitch scores Bart), Dick 1-2, Flores K, Belt F9
    • Giants 3, Rockies 0
  • Top 3rd
    • Gausman gets into a little jam (2 on, 1 out) but escapes with two big strikeouts against the Rockies’ best hitters.
    • Wolters 1B, Tapia FC, Pillar 1B, Story K, Blackmon K
  • Bottom 3rd
    • Gonzalez allows a walk to open the inning but rebounds nicely with a double play ball and a pop up.
    • Crawford BB, Longo DP, Dubon F4
  • Top 4th
    • Dickerson shows why he’s a defensive liability as he probably should have been able to catch McMahon’s double off the wall.
    • Fuentes 1B, McMahon 2B, Hampson Bunt 1B, Hillard P6, Wolters K, Tapia 1B, Pillar (Stolen base by Tapia & Hampson), Pillar K
    • Score: Giants 3, Rockies 2
  • Bottom 4th
    • Joey Bart with another hard-hit ground ball (104.7 mph) but this time it doesn’t find a hole. Duggar’s single (101.0 mph) goes to waste with Slater & Dick
    • Bart 6-3, Duggar 1B, Slater 5-3, Dick P3
  • Top 5th
    • Dubon makes a spectacular catch in center to avoid a likely triple from Fuentes.
    • Story P3, Blackmon F7, Fuentes F8
  • Bottom 5th
    • Nothing much.
    • Flores 5-3, Belt 1-3, Crawford F4
  • Top 6th
    • Gausman again looked strong but a 15 pitch at-bat from McMahon really increases his pitch count.
    • McMahon 3-1, Hampson BB, (Hampson steals), Hilliard K, Wolters K
  • Bottom 6th
    • Kinley surprisingly quieted the bats of Bart and Duggar
    • Longoria K, Dubon 2B (Tyler Kinley pitching), Bart K, Duggar 3U
  • Top 7th – #65 Sam Coonrod pitching
    • welp, there goes the Giants lead
    • Tapia 5F, Pillar 1B, Story 2B, Blackmon 6-3, Fuentes 1B, McMahon 1B, Hampson K
    • Score: Rockies 4, Giants 3
  • Bottom 7th – Mychal Givens pitching
    • Now it’s not looking good of the Giants.
    • Slater K, Dick L4, Flores F8
  • Top 8th
    • Garcia keeps the ERA low with a 1-2-3 inning
    • Hilliard 6-3, Wolters K, Tapia 6-3
  • Bottom 8th
    • Solano pinch-hitting for Bart doesn’t do anything, but Belt’s BIG homer tied the game at 4
    • Belt HR, Crawford K, Longoria 2B, Solano 5-3
    • Score: Giants 4, Rockies 4
  • Top 9th – Tyler Rogers pitching
    • H-Man’s throw at second is HUGE as the Giants are heading to the bottom of the 9th
    • Pillar K, Story 4-3, Blackmon 1B, (Heineman throws out Blackmon)
  • Bottom 9th
    • aaaaand we’re heading to extras!
    • Yaz F8, Slater F9, Dick K
  • Top 10th
    • The Opener comes in and closes it.
    • Fuentes K, (Baragar pitching) McMahon K, Hampson K
  • Bottom 10th – Bard pitching
    • Craziness, absolute craziness: Two intentional walks, five infielders, and the game continues
    • Flores F7, Belt IBB, Crawford IBB, Longo FC, Dubon P3
  • Top 11th – Cahill pitching
    • Hilliard 4-3, Kemp BB, Tapia SF7, Pillar HBP, Story K
    • Score: Rockies 5, Giants 4

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