Live Tweet Journal: Diamondbacks @ Giants (9/7)

Pregame Zoom Question:

  • The Giants acquired P Anthony Banda from the Tampa Bay Rays last week at the trade deadline. Here’s what Manager Gabe Kapler had to say about Banda’s progress at the Alternate Training Site (Sacramento):

Roster Moves

Today’s Lineup

  • Here’s more on 3B Evan Longoria’s scratch
    • Fun Fact: Longoria holds the Tampa Bay Rays career home run record.

Injury Update

Giants M&T (Meme & Trivia)

Press Dining Review

  • I actually had a big lunch coming into the game tonight, but my appetite was still pretty strong so I was really hoping whatever the kitchen staff had on-deck for the evening would be something substantial.
  • Overall they didn’t disappoint: the Banh Mi (a roasted Vietnamese pork sandwich with cilantro and pickled cucumber, for those who don’t know) was more or less filling and pretty tasty. I do have to mention that it did fall victim to a horrible bun to meat ratio (it was practically like eating bread with a side of meat).
  • The coleslaw side dish was standard if not a little bland, but I can’t complain.
  • Overall: 7.9/10

Live Game Notes:

  • Top 1st – RHP Kevin Gausman pitching
    • Gausman gets the job done if not in the most unusual sense: after retiring Rojas and Marte on grounders, Christian Walkers reaches on a dropped third strike wild pitch. Yet he proceeds to pick off Walker after getting Calhoun down 0-2.
    • Rojas 4-3, Marte 3U, Walker K (reaches on a wild pitch)
    • Score: ARI 0, SF 0
  • Bottom 1st – RHP Zac Gallen
    • Dickerson’s broken-bat weak line drive off an 88 mph pitch WAYY inside results in a double play. Solano K’s
    • Yaz 1B, Dickerson 6-3 DP, Solano K
  • Top 2nd
    • Gausman with his second and third strikeouts of the game and makes it threw the inning with just 10 pitches.
    • Calhoun 4-3, Mathisen K, Peralta K
  • Bottom 2nd
    • Belt with some uncharacteristically weak contact during his ground out and Gallen gets through the inning on 11 pitches. Also, Crawford had an ugly swing to end the inning on his 2-2 count.
    • Belt 3U, Flores 5-3, Crawford K
  • Top 3rd
    • Nine batter Carson Kelly hits the hardest ball (so far) on the day for the Diamondbacks and suddenly there are two men on with one out. Gausman gets a grounder with the bases loaded, but awkward positioning from Crawford at short allows just one out.
    • Ahmed K, Varsho BB, Kelly 1B, Rojas BB, Marte FC (Varsho scores), Walker K
    • ARI 1, SF 0
  • Bottom 3rd
    • I was getting some ice cream during this inning so I didn’t see it personally, but Bart & Dubon both struck out *shrug*
    • Panda 4-3, Bart K, Dubon K
  • Top 4th
    • Arizona strands Calhoun and Ahmed with a flyout from Varsho. Gausman’s strikeouts against Mathisen and Peralta were impressive. Also, Calhoun’s double was his first extra-base hit since August 26th and it broke his hitless streak of 15 games without a 2-strike hit.
    • Calhoun 2B, Mathisen K, Peralta K, Ahmed BB, Varsho F7
  • Bottom 4th
    • Dickerson has left the game after fouling a ball off his leg during his at-bat.
    • Yaz K, Dickerson/Ruf K, Solano L8
  • Top 5th
    • Quick inning for Gausman.
    • Kelly F9, Rojas K, Marte F9
  • Bottom 5th
    • Another quick inning. It doesn’t feel like a pitcher’s duel, but it lowkey is: 3 total hits on the day so far.
    • Belt 4-3, Flores F9, Crawford L9
  • Top 6th
    • Three up, three down
    • Walker K, Calhoun 3U, Mathisen 6-3
  • Bottom 6th
    • The Giants blow the inning wide open as Gallen allows the first three batters he faces to reach. Yaz and Ruf snag the Giants’ first RBIs of this game and there are still no outs. Guerra walks in Belt on five pitches.
    • Panda BB, Bart 1B, (Robertson pinch-run for Panda after Bart singles), Dubon BB, Yaz 1B, Ruf 1B, Solano 1B, (Junior Guerra pitching) Belt BB, Flores 5-2-3 DP, Crawford F7
    • SF 4, ARI 1
  • Top 7th – Wandy Peralta in to pitch
    • Nick Ahmed’s walk is barely notable.
    • Peralta K, Ahmed BB, Varsho sac bunt, Kelly 6-3
  • Bottom 7th – K. Mella pitching
    • Bart and Dubon looked lost on a couple of their swings.
    • Robertson K, Bart K, Dubon K
  • Top 8th – Sam Selman pitching
    • Coonrod puts out the fire after Solano drops a fly ball that allows Calhoun to second and Walker to third.
    • Rojas K, Marte 6-3, Walker BB, Calhoun E4, (Sam Coonrod pitching), Mathisen F6
  • Bottom 8th – J. Mantiply pitching
    • Yaz 6-3, Ruf 2B, Solano 1B, Belt K, Flores F8
  • Top 9th
    • Peralta’s HR was a little scary but Coonrod holds on for the save
    • Peralta HR, Ahmed 6-3, Varsho K, Kelly out

FINAL: Giants 4, Diamondbacks 2

Postgame Zoom Quotes

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