Live Tweet Journal: Diamondbacks @ Giants (9/8)

Roster Moves

That sky tho

Giants M&T (Meme & Trivia)

  • The answer to yesterday’s trivia question is Pablo Sandoval. Wearing #48 Pablo Sandoval has the highest jersey number among Giants position players
    • *edit* – As of today, Pablo no longer holds this title – as the Giants called up OF Luis Basabe who will wear #61

Press Dining

Live Game Notes

  • Top 1st – RHP Logan Webb pitching
    • Webb strikes out Ty France to end a rough first inning. Webb had a chance to get Crawford at third on Lewis’ grounder, but fumbled the ball and could only manage the force out.
    • Crawford BB, Moore HBP, Lewis 1-3, Seager 6-3, France K
    • Score: Mariners 1, Giants 0
  • Bottom 1st – RHP Ljay Newsome pitching
    • Belt’s single drives in Solano easily. Both guys have been hot and Solano can now add a triple to his 2020 resume
    • Yaz K, Dickerson F9, Solano 3B, Belt 1B, Flores K
    • Giants 1, Mariners 1
  • Top 2nd
    • Something is wrong with Webb as he’s thrown 21 balls against just 25 strikes through 2 innings. Crawford is thrown out by Bart trying to advance to third on his bases-clearing double
    • Marmolejos 4-3, White 1B, Torrens 1B (White to third), Long Jr BB, Crawford 2B (scores 3 runs), Moore HBP, Lewis K
    • Mariners 4, Giants 1
  • Bottom 2nd
    • Just your standard 1-5 line out. Lail replaces Newsome after leaving due to injury.
    • Crawford L15, (Lail pitching) Panda F9, Bart L4
  • Top 3rd
    • Yaz loses France’s line drive in the lights and Webb’s nightmare continues. He’s getting hit hard
    • Seager 2-3, France 3B, Marmolejos 1B, White DP
    • Mariners 5, Giants 1
  • Bottom 3rd
    • The Giants have grit. This offense time and time again show that they can score with 2 outs
    • Dubon F7, Yaz F7, Dickerson HR, Solano 2B, Belt 1B
    • Mariners 5, Giants 3
  • Top 4th
    • First scoreless inning for Webb on the night.
    • Torrens 6-3, Long Jr K, Crawford F9
  • Bottom 4th
    • Crawford gets Crawford on a Crawford-esq play at first. Dubon has suddenly tied this game
    • Crawford 6-3, Panda 6-3, Bart 1B, Dubon HR, Yaz F8
    • Giants 5, Mariners 5
  • Top 5th
    • Lewis’ first steal of the season, but nothing comes of it.
    • Moore K, Lewis 1B (steals second), Seager BB, France DP
  • Bottom 5th
    • Solano is now a home run shy of a cycle.
    • Dickerson 3-1, Solano 1B, (Solano to second on a passed ball), Belt F7, Flores P%
  • Top 6th
    • Baragar pitching. He faces some challenges but gets out of the jam (2 men on
    • Marmolejos K, White 1B, Torrens 2B, Long Jr K, Crawford
  • Bottom 6th – Gerber pitching
    • Gerber with a funny motion but it’s effective
    • Crawford 6-3, Panda 1B, Bart K, Dubon L4

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