Live Tweet Journal: Diamondbacks @ Giants (9/9)

Pregame Zoom with Gabe Kapler

San Francisco is Just In (some) Smoak

  • Game(cocks) recognize game:

Smyly, You’re on Camera

Orange Wednesdays Have a New Meaning…


Press Dining

  • I wasn’t super excited when first seeing this meal on the board, but a Bacon Cheeseburger is difficult for any dish to follow up The chicken was pretty tasty and I actually really liked the vegtables.

Live Game Notes

  • Top 1st – Tyler Anderson Pitching
    • Weird first inning including an error, a successful pickoff attempt and a 3-2 walk. Anderson looks decent if not a little wild.
    • Crawford F8, Moore E4, (Moore is picked off trying to steal off Anderson), Lewis BB, Seager F8
    • Score: Mariners 0, Giants 0
  • Bottom 1st – Nick Margevicus
    • Margevicus strikes out the side as the Giants top bats look helpless.
    • Yaz K, Solano K, Ruf K
  • Top 2nd
    • Anderson responses with his own 1-2-3 inning
    • France P6, White F8, Torrens F8
  • Bottom 2nd
    • Margevicus already with his 5th tonight after another stellar inning. Only one ball has been put in play
    • Flores P3, Belt K, Longoria K
  • Top 3rd
    • Former Red Philip Ervin breaks Anderson’s no-hitter, but Anderson escapes the jam. Yaz nearly gunned down Ervin at third, but Longoria can’t scoop it which leads to men on the corners with 1 out.
    • Marmolejos 6-3, Ervin 1B, Crawford 1B (Ervin to third), Moore K, Lewis 6-3
  • Bottom 3rd
    • The Giants capitalize on back to back hits with Yaz’s 3-run bomb that quiets the “Margevicus for MVP” chants.
    • Bart 1B, Crawford 1B, Dubon (wild pitch advances both runners one base) K, Yaz HR [9th of the year], Solano F8, Ruf P6
  • Top 4th
    • Rough flyball for Ruf but no runs come about it.
    • Seager F7, France 2B, White 4-3, Torrens 5-3
  • Bottom 4th
    • Flores’ hit was a bloop double, but it’s good enough for the Giants as they score him two batters later. I should note that Longoria was visible frustrated with the strike call that was clearly outside. I think he’s over it since he hit an RBI single at 100 mph on the next pitch.
    • Flores 2B, Belt 4-3 (Flores to third), Longoria 1B, Bart F9, Crawford BB, Dubon L6
    • Giants 4, Mariners 0
  • Top 5th
    • 18 pitches isn’t what you normally think of when it comes to a 1-2-3 inning, but Anderson just did it. Now he has a chance to complete the 6th inning (a feat he’s only accomplished once before this year).
    • Marmolejos K, Ervin F8, Crawford F8
  • Bottom 5th
    • Ruf makes Gabe Kapler look good and the near-home-run-double starts a 2 out rally.
    • Yaz 5-3, Solano F9, Ruf 2B, Crawford IBB, Belt BB (Walker Lockett in to pitch), Longoria 1B, Bart 1B, Crawford 3-1
    • Score: Giants 7 – 0
  • Top 6th
    • Anderson with a pretty quick 15 pitch for this 1-2-3 inning,
    • Moore L4, Lewis K, Seager K
  • Bottom 6th
    • The Giants third three-run inning gives them 10 runs on the night, marking their 4th have scored 10+ runs in a game this season (3rd time at Oracle Park).
    • Dubon 1B,, Yaz 1B, Solano FC, Dickerson 1B (Pinch-hitting for Ruf, Basabe pinch-running for Dick), Flores 2B, Belt 5-3, Longoria F9
    • Giants 10, Mariners 0
  • Top 7th – Trevor Gott pitching
    • Gott got to quick K’s but got into a jam he got out of via a near base hit by Crawford!
    • France K, White K, Torrens BB, Marmolejos 1B, Ervin BB (mound visit), Crawford L8
  • Bottom 7th – Aaron Fletcher pitching
    • All three outs came via strikeout and we’re going to have to wait for another at-bat to see Joey Bart’s first big league HR.
    • Bart K, Crawford HBP, Dubon 1B, Yaz K, Solano K
  • Top 8th
    • Rico Garcia with some electric velocity (12 of 13 fastballs 95+) but he does allow a double and a run.
    • Moore 2B, Lewis 4-3, (Moore to third), Seager F8 (Moore tags and scores), France K
  • Bottom 8th
    • Basabe’s first big league AB lasts just one pitch as he grounds out. Tromp and Belt
    • Basabe 4-3, Tromp 2F, Belt
  • Top 9th
    • Garcia shuts it down 1-2-3
    • White 6-3, Torrens L8, Marmolejos K

Final: Giants WIN!

Meme Team on The Road

Zoom Quotable

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